An important math concept to know…

We all know that infinity is so huge that 1000 divided into infinity is zero. Taking this a step further,

100 trillion divided into infinity yields the same result–zero!!  Therefore, do not ever worry about money.  It’s a very mediocre commodity.  The 6 billion debt ceiling invented by some stupid, old white congressmen means nothing!!  Yes, we owe the Chinese billions.  They’re Buddhists, mostly. Buddhists care about money, ya think?!?  Be logical about this.  We help them, and they help us.

In the old days we bartered for things.  You give me 6,000 bushels of wheat and I give you 5,000 bushels of corn. It actually works!!! We haven’t been on the gold standard since about 1973. 

we don’t need to be.  Money is a mere medium of exchange.  If everyone saved every penny,

like a friend of mine I’ll call Bohumil (not his real name) we’d be in a severe depression for a million or more years.  Money was designed to transact business, not to be hoarded.

Disclaimer:  This is only David Kirschbaum’s view: I could be totally wrong.  You’re intelligent people.  Make your own choice.

May your God go with you and may my God go with me. (I stole this from the British comedian Dave Allen)

love ya,

And a big hug to all of you!

Buddha, Mohammed, Confucius, and Jesus grant you wisdom and peace.